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The Simpson Protocol

Advanced Hypnosis

Since 2020, JL Counselling & Hypnotherapy Singapore has been providing personalized hypnosis sessions under The Simpson Protocol (SP) and is the only provider and trainer of SP within Asia and South East Asia, including Malaysia and Indonesia. Based in Singapore, SP Sessions are available face-to-face for Singapore residents, and via Zoom online Worldwide.

JL Counselling & Hypnotherapy Singapore is also an approved and certified training center and provider under The Simpson Protocol.

Hypnosis is designed to help you lead a balanced, harmonious life. Combining their extensive knowledge and experience, JL Counselling and Hypnotherapy Singapore are exceptionally qualified to enable clients to make positive changes.

As a passionate Hypnotherapy Service Provider, JL Counselling and Hypnotherapy Singapore enjoys working one-on-one with people from our Singapore practice and takes pride in the difference we have made in so many lives. Get in touch to set up an appointment with JL Counselling & Hypnotherapy Singapore.

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The Simpson Protocol at JL Counselling & Hypnotherapy Singapore

Deep State Hypnosis for Outstanding Outcomes

What is Simpson Protocol Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind. SP enhances the hypnosis by guiding the client to a place where they will allow their own mind to do the work for them. SP is complete integrated hypnosis.

Benefits of SP Hypnosis

Clients have full control

In SP Hypnosis, Clients have full control over the faculty of their mind. The SP Practitioner will guide the Client through the process where they facilitate positive changes by enhancing the power of the mind. The Client is subsequently able to tap into their resources even further and go to a place where they can address anything.

Absolute Discretion

Your Privacy is Your Own

As the process is entirely done by the Client's Super Conscious Mind, there is absolutely no judgement nor interference from anyone, including the SP Practitioner. It is an entirely clean process. We do not need to know anything to begin the process nor do we need to know exactly what our Clients are addressing. Sometimes, our Clients do not even know what are the causes, circumstances or issues, and that is perfectly fine. This way, Clients feel comfortable because they can choose to be absolutely discreet.

What is the Super Conscious Mind?

Access Your Inner Powers

We do not like to put a label on it and confine it to definition. It is the part of the Client that knows everything and that can find out anything. We are connected to everything and the mind is incredible. As we delve deeper and deeper with each session, where we can go with the mind, it evolves constantly - there is an evolution of consciousness.

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The Simpson Protocol

An Integrative and Holistic Approach

How and Where Do We Start?

Your mind knows exactly what to address. We start with the first thing your mind wants you to do. As the process is Client led, you have full control over the process.

What Happens To the Client's Conscious Mind During SP?

Your Conscious Mind will still be observing, in a relaxed state, taking a back seat.

What If the Client's Conscious Mind Interferes during SP?

It can take more than one session before your Conscious Mind can relax. This is done by your own mind and is part of the process. The Client decides how soon they want to process to begin and can choose to not interfere with their own process. The sooner you allow for this to happen, the sooner the process can begin.

What Happens During SP?

If the Client's mind allows the process to begin, they can begin to allow themselves to make those changes, themselves. We will guide you through the process where we facilitate positive changes by enhancing the power of the mind and you will subsequently be able to utilize it and tap into those resources even further. The Client is then able to go to a place where they can address anything.

A Clean Process

By keeping the process clean and simple, the Client find that they are able to shift their thinking, knowing and feeling with ease. The simpler, the better, the cleaner the language, the better.

SP Works

Thousands of Clients have reported the positive changes and outcomes from SP Sessions. You can be one of them.

SP can be applied to anything - It can be applied to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. It is complete and integrated hypnosis.

SP helps the Client process any  negative experiences, to release them, and bring the Client to the extreme positive and the best positive outcomes.

SP works because it is a collaborative process that takes place naturally between Client and SP Practitioner.

Access additional resources on The Simpson Protocol via our videos (below). SP Sessions can be conducted from the comfort of your own home.

Become A Certified SP Practitioner

Learn the Simpson Protocol and become a Certified Simpson Protocol Practitioner

Interested to become an SP Practitioner? 
Our last SP Training and Certification Program was on 1-4 September 2021 (Live Online). For more information on how you can sign up for the next training, email me at joachimlee2007@gmail.com or or whatsapp text at +65 91705091 to register.

Upcoming Events

  • Advanced Self Hypnosis Workshop - Simpson Protocol (SP)
    16 Oct 2021, 9:30 am SGT
    Online Workshop
    Learn how to use the SP Advanced Self Hypnosis to work on anything that is for your Beneficial and Optimum good e.g. Pain, Insomnia, Stress etc. Join us, on Saturday, 16 October 2021, for a 4 hour online workshop starting from 9:30am Singapore/ Malaysia Time!